New kid in town!

Just finished my drawing “Romanesco”. I`ve been working on it since October last year (as you can see if you just scroll down a little longer). What took me so long? Well, one reason is I have a job. But I also like it when it gets a little complicated, hence the motive. Besides, the complete upper layer of this drawing consists of 0.05 cm thin ink lines, which I applied in so-called cross-hatching style. So you really should have a closer look!

A drawing is always a time capsule. It`s the amount of time that makes it valuable to me. And then of course there`s the conceptual part. As for this drawing, I focused on the interplay between light and shadow, positive and negative space. I will definetely explore this aspect more in the future!


Exhibition postponed, again…

Due to the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic, Nesodden Art Association`s annual member exhibition will not take place in February either. New opening date will be May 8th, 2021 at Galleri Vanntårnet! In the meantime, you can keep yourself up to date here.


Christmas discount!

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A drawing is born

In the beginning, there was chaos. I usually start with sketching. First, I draw the outlines of an object with a pencil, then repeat them with fine liner. This keeps me from getting confused by the sheer number of details. Next step is then colouration, which will keep me busy for a while.

A real problem is decomposing – I basically need to replace my models occasionally. A bit like in the making of the TV series Rex, whose main character, a German shepherd police officer, was played by altogether six different good boys. A sobering truth.

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Skål, Tegnerforbundet!

Proud to announce I have been accepted as member of the Norwegian Drawing Association, Tegnerforbundet. Thank you so much!