On drawing

Finishing a drawing always gives me mixed emotions. Of course, I feel relieved. It probably took forever to get there and I’m excited to start working on something new. At the same time, it’s strange to put away the pencil for good and think: OK, that’s it then. Thanks for your time, buddy, it was my pleasure. 

For me, it’s not necessarily the finished picture, but rather the work process that gives a drawing its value. I experience the process not as a one-sided act, but as a dialogue between me, the object and the drawing. I feel that the process is shaping me. I myself come into being together with the motif. 

Do my works remind you of scientific illustrations? You guessed correctly, they’re a great inspiration for me – I examine objects on their nature and structure, on their characteristic features. In addition, I strive for a high level of technical precision. However, in the end I don’t really care about the scientific aspect. It’s all about the process, the phenomenological experience.


1981: Born in Swabia, Germany.

1997-2000: Graphic designer, Carl-Hofer-School of applied arts and crafts, Karlsruhe.

2002-2008: Master in fine art, Art Academy Karlsruhe.

2014-2015: Practical pedagogical education in design, arts and crafts, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.

I live and work in Oslo, Norway.