On drawing

I am fascinated by natural forms – shapes, phenotypes and fractals. When I draw a plant or an object, I want to shed light on both the mathematical complexity and the mystery within it. A characteristic of my drawings is the convex hatching technique with a thin ink pen. I took over the shading technique in my drawings after a specialization in graphic printing during my studies. After drawing an object with colored pencils, I process the motif with ink pen. The ink dampens the colors from the underlying layers. The motif seems heavier, more intense, and gets a more graphic expression. I only use 0.05 mm thin pens, even on large surfaces. This time-consuming process is a goal in itself. The motif becomes a small time capsule, a small bastion against entropy.


1981: Born in Swabia, Germany.

1997-2000: Graphic designer, Carl-Hofer-School of applied arts and crafts, Karlsruhe.

2002-2008: Master in fine art, Art Academy Karlsruhe.

2014-2015: Practical pedagogical education in design, arts and crafts, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.

I live and work in Oslo, Norway. I am a member of Tegnerforbundet and NBK. Since 2007, I have participated in international solo- and group shows. For current events, see news